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Bryan Vorndran

Bola Ogbara
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Many people consider Bryan Vorndran to be the face of the FBI’s cyber efforts. His strategies for the disruption of cybercriminal infrastructure have been successful and are improving the world of cybersecurity.

Bryan Vorndran is currently the assistant director of the FBI’s Cyber Division (CyD), a position he assumed in 2002.  Under his guidance, the CyD has been diligently working to combat the growing threat of ransomware. By employing a multi-pronged strategy that includes collaboration with various agencies, disrupting criminal actors and infrastructure, and focusing on prevention, the Cyber Division has demonstrated notable progress, including those detailed in prior Federal Friday posts. Individuals, businesses, and governments collectively play a part in this fight by reporting cyber incidents, adopting proactive security measures, and staying informed about the latest threats. 


In particular, his keynote address during GovCon Wire’s Second Annual Cybersecurity in National Security Summit, acknowledged that traditional law enforcement strategies may not necessarily alleviate cyber threats and detailed the change in strategy for combating ransomware, focusing on four core tenets: investigative and traditional law enforcement responsibilities, domestic intelligence responsibilities, pressure on the threat, and top-level customer service.  They also emphasize on-net operations to identify and neutralize cyber threats domestically, with Vordran saying “[u]ndoubtedly we’re still successful with getting some individuals, subjects and criminals into custody, but at the end of the day, that’s not a viable solution in terms of strategic power and how we degrade the ecosystem.” 


This focus on the disruption of cybercrime has proven to be a successful one, In just 2021, the CyD was able to make “240 arrests, 175 convictions, 290 indictments, 18 dismantlements, and 453 disruptions”, a number that has surely grown significantly as a result of their successful recent operations against NetWalker and Qakbot. 


As ransomware continues to evolve, the FBI's ongoing efforts to develop and adapt strategies will remain critical in building a more secure and resilient digital landscape for all.