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Secure, compliant solutions for the harsh realities of cyber extortion

Mitigate risk and loss from cyber extortion.

It happens every day... but not to you… until now. You’re being extorted.


Every moment counts. You need The DAR Team.



DAR is the light that shines through...response.  We champion a suite of personalized, protective, precise solutions to provide a clear, confident response in times of duress.

What is the product?

The DAR Team takes the guesswork out of ransomware negotiations and payments. Don’t waste a shred of time after a breach; we are prepared to act quickly and help get businesses up and running as soon as possible with intelligence-driven ransomware negotiation, payment, and advisory services.


We understand this world so you don’t have to.


Mandates from the SEC are here. CIRCIA and other requirements are on the way.  International sanctions are targeting cybercrime groups.  Stay on the right side of the law.


A battle-proven team ready to help you confront the toughest, most urgent extortion situations. Get down to brass tacks with The DAR Team's experience helping over 1000 customers and running numerous other investigations. 

Clear Communications

Leverage our ELI platform for clean handoffs between crisis response teams. Get off your breached network. Activate expert Law Enforcement assistance outside your locality.

Name Recognition

Your outside counsel and Incident Responders know us by name and trust our responsive team and battle-tested process.


From onboarding to integration to transfer of knowledge, The DAR Team seamlessly collaborates with your incident response and/or negotiation solution to guide you across the finish line.


Flexible workflows to fit your requirements. Regardless of geography or demand type, leverage The DAR Team to ensure each step is managed with precision and professionalism.

Give your clients The DAR Team’s full arsenal against cyber extortion.


Offer an experienced negotiation and payment hotline to your clients. DAR gives you a battle-proven team ready to navigate the toughest, most urgent extortion situations; ransomware, data theft, insider threats


Don’t let “white glove” stop when the going gets tough. DAR can keep your customers clear through thorny regulatory terrain, regardless of jurisdiction or currency.

Clear Communications

DAR integrates seamlessly with your existing response teams, ready to take a handoff at a moment’s notice. You call the plays. We listen to your clients’ needs and advocate for their best interests.


Plan for the best. Let DAR prepare for the worst. Cyber extortion isn’t going away; show your customers that you’ve got their backs even if an attack succeeds.


We have two-way intelligence exchanges with intel teams and law enforcement agencies all over the world.


We operate with urgency, offering same day (including weekend) settlements, so you can get your client back up and running faster.

Save the day on your clients’ worst day.

Sanctions Expertise

Paying a ransom is a tricky task.  DAR’s sanction screening, powered by AFTRDRK’s industry-leading attribution process, dark web intelligence, and operatives behind enemy lines, gives confidence in the decision to move forward with a payment.

Efficacy and Speed

We operate with urgency, whether engaging with Threat Actors or offering same-day settlements, helping to minimize the cost and impact of business interruption to you and your clients and insureds.

White glove service

We understand all too well how stressful a ransomware attack is. We pride ourselves on our bedside manner and high-touch style to help guide your insureds through this difficult time (and make you look good in the process).


Our capabilities go beyond traditional solutions, allowing us to finish the job where others don't dare.  Leverage The DAR Team’s experience from thousands of engagements to get better outcomes for your clients.


The DAR Team’s information-sharing network spans the globe.  Our diverse response team relationships and law enforcement connections can help navigate the trickiest situations.


From onboarding to integration to transfer of knowledge, The DAR Team seamlessly collaborates with your incident response and/or negotiation solution to guide your insured across the finish line.

Trusted by

Arctic Wolf
Swiss Re
K&L Gates
DLA Piper
Clyde & Co
Surefire Cyber
Norton Rose Fulbright
Munich Re
McDonald Hopkins
Tokio Marine America
Wilson Elser
Arch Insurance

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The rest of our arsenal in the war against Hackers

Ransomware Preparedness

A crisis is a terrible time to plan for a crisis. The DAR Team's Cyber Preparedness packages help you confront the harsh realities of cybercrime and confidently respond to worst-case scenarios.

Threat Intelligence

We have operatives behind enemy lines using human intelligence to ensure we learn as much as possible about emerging threats and threat actors.  Intelligence captured by humans, augmented by AI, and curated for you.

You’ve been breached!

Are you currently a victim from a threat actor? Get in touch with us ASAP.