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Intelligence captured by humans, augmented by AI, and curated for you.

Today’s intelligence solutions deliver an overwhelming quantity of raw data with little or no context. This data is often integrated into solutions, leading to a high false-positive rate and resulting in overwhelming alert fatigue. 

The operational costs of having an intelligence capability in order to maximize return on investment are astronomical.  The fact of the matter is that infrastructure and indicators are ephemeral; many solutions offer a wormhole of data collection that only the most skilled intelligence professionals can navigate. Even then, the time to make actionable is greatly impeded by the analytical investment.


Mission focused, high fidelity, adversary first

We know that there are plenty of threat intelligence providers out there. Much respect to our peers. What makes DRK_CACHE unique is the asymmetric approach to collection and attribution, which enables us to derive high-fidelity intelligence products. This means – we have visibility into the activity leading up to and after the intrusion and visibility into the intrusion – completing the narrative.

We have operatives behind enemy lines using human intelligence to ensure we learn as much as possible about emerging threats and threat actors.

What is the product?

DRK_CACHE is an expansive library of threats – the entities that comprise the cybercrime ecosystem – adversary-first – placing them at the center of their affiliations, capabilities, and activities, because context and relevance matter. We are on a mission to bridge the cyber threat intelligence gap. That means delivering high-fidelity intelligence products that tell the story – enabling the good guys to efficiently respond, hunt, and (re)trace the steps of the adversary.

How we differ?

We make sense of data so that you can take action.  Founded on the principle of providing accurate, factual, and actionable information, the DAR Team takes an adversary-first approach to maximize the context that surrounds the events leading up to and during an intrusion. We firmly believe that in order to understand “why?”, “what?”, “how?” – you need to understand “who?”


User Profile --> Response Responsibility
SOC (Security Operations Center) Analysts, Security Engineers

Unique Indicators

Data from the darkest corners of the Dark Web, this isn’t just scraping forums and leak sites.

Actionable Intel

Customized alert feed tailored to your organization and setup.

Robust API

Plugs directly into your SIEM.

User Profile --> Investigative Responsibility
Threat Intelligence Professionals, Threat Hunters, Incident Responders

Detailed Threat Profiles

Hunt Inward effectively with ingestible, qualified data about threat actor TTPs, sentiments, behaviors, and more.

Contextualized Investigations

Gain deep understanding of how threat actors operate, with whom, and what their activities are.

Bespoke Intelligence

Human-generated intel, curated to your organization, industry, and system to deliver outcomes.

User Profile --> Executive Responsibility
CXO, Information Security Officers, Board of Directors

Trend Analysis

Have more insight into how the threat landscape is evolving and how it affects your business.


Make more informed decisions on where to prioritize security efforts and investments.

Consumable Reports

Finished intelligence products that address big picture questions for the Board and Leadership.

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Arctic Wolf
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DLA Piper
Clyde & Co
Surefire Cyber
Norton Rose Fulbright
Munich Re
McDonald Hopkins
Tokio Marine America
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Arch Insurance

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The rest of our arsenal in the war against Hackers

Ransomware Preparedness

A crisis is a terrible time to plan for a crisis.  The DAR Team's Cyber Preparedness packages help you confront the harsh realities of cybercrime and confidently respond to worst-case scenarios.

Ransomware Response

Take the guesswork out of handling a cyber extortion. We act quickly to help get you or your customers up and running as soon as possible with intelligence-driven threat actor engagement, ransom payment, and advisory services.

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